The best manufacturer of FRP composite rebar production lines?

Composite rebar production is ramping up in speed like never before and the demand for it grows even faster than what current suppliers can digest. This makes more and more people consider the acquisition of FRP rebar production lines and Composite Tech continues to support such requests as the industry leader.

FRP rebar production equipment

We receive hundreds of requests regarding our lines daily, but the most common question is how do we compare to the competition. Therefore, in a typical to us, open fashion, we decided to dedicate an article to it and expand on why our clients continuously choose Composite Tech over the other FRP rebar and mesh production lines manufacturers.

1. Industrial grade design
As our existing clients already know, Composite Tech is more than just an FRP rebar production equipment manufacturer. In fact, it is part of a holding firm that includes a construction business and industrial-grade machinery parts production. The latter is what pushed us to start developing the composite pultrusion technology 10 years ago and has become an integral part of the composite rebar production equipment manufacturing process.

It enabled us to design all the lines, including the first generation of the equipment in-house, without being dependent on third party contractors. Our engineers set out on a mission to come up with production lines that can withstand the test of time and continuously show high output performance.

Did they succeed? Our clients can definitely concur.

Apart from design, parts manufacturing also happens in-house. This is how we managed to achieve practically limitless life expectancy. First generations of the lines taught us what to change to improve the performance – our engineers followed suit – and expectedly we reached a truly industrial-grade production lines range that boast market-leading productivity and lack of interruptions typically caused by breakdowns.

2. We support our clients once they start production
Historically we get a lot of requests from clients that are looking to purchase the end product only and not the production lines. Of course, in many cases, these same companies then decide to purchase the equipment too, but it often starts with the rebar, mesh or bent elements requests.

This is where we direct these companies to the existing network of clients we already have. Such activity is part of our growth plan and we love to see our clients increase their sales, as in the end, it helps to spread the technology and its use. Therefore, if you become a client of ours, we may be able to channel enough demand to you that covers the supply you can offer to the market.

3. Production lines’ pricing
It is absolutely fine for the client to study the market prior to approaching us and we take it as a given. At the same time, we are confident in the product that we offer to the market. We are true believers in composite rebar technology, which means we price our FRP production lines fairly.

The cheaper production lines may seem as the better option at the start, but the clients who opt for these quickly return to us and purchase Composite Tech production lines instead. We will never get tired of saying this, but the truth of the matter is that you get what you pay for. If you purchase cheap production lines, not only do you end up with defunct end products but often spend even more on opportunity costs, when these cheaper lines start to break down or do not start in the first place.

The more expensive equipment also makes little sense because we know exactly how much it costs to manufacture such lines. We are aware that some companies price their FRP production lines at 600,000EUR and still, they are no different to what Composite Tech offers. Reasons for such high prices? This can only be explained by the fact that most of such production is outsourced, and this is when the quality of the production equipment may be lost too.

4. Operation of Composite Tech FRP production lines
Software forms an integral part of our production lines, regardless of whether it is FRP mesh or FRP rebar. Being designed in house by the team of Composite Tech software developers, it helps to manage the full cycle of the production process and is capable of receiving over the air update whenever we release an update to the production process. This means that our clients get the most easy to use production line that can be run by not more than 2 people. Furthermore, the sensors that we build into every module that makes up the FRP production lines, monitor the quality of the rebar and mesh and feed real-time data to the software and control unit that adapts temperatures and the speed of production accordingly. This is how we achieve an uninterrupted production process and high-quality end product that has been tested and approved by most of the construction authorities globally.

We never fail
Be it a high volume manufacturing with over 20 lines operating as one, or a single production line order, we never fail to deliver and set up the lines. Not only do our engineers come to assist our clients with the launch, but we also offer continuous support to every single client of ours regardless of how many lines are on order. This is what Composite Tech is all about and it is what it is like to be part of the Composite Tech family.