About us

Composite-Tech Company has been manufacturing equipment for fibreglass reinforcement, fibreglass mesh, flexible couplings and bent frame elements since 1998. During this time, our engineers have accumulated vast experience in the design and manufacture of the most reliable and high-quality equipment for the production of composite reinforcement, composite mesh and bent frame elements. We work hand in glove with universities that specialize in composite technology in many countries worldwide, such as USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, Italy and the Netherlands. We are constantly improving our equipment and technology. We offer you a very profitable business with minimum investment and the shortest payback period.

Professional production line for fibreglass or basalt fibre reinforcing mesh. FRP mesh.

Professional FRP REBAR production line

Production line for bent fibreglass or basalt fibre frame elements.

Highly profitable business with low investment requirements and quick pay-back period

High quality end product that is resultant to uncountable hours of R&D.

Efficient manufacturing processes and break-proof equipment.

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