Expanding Horizons: How Innovative Composite Reinforcement Machinery Opens New Opportunities in India's Construction Industry

Anton Ocunev

CEO and founder of Composite-Tech
  • Northwestern Open Technical University (SZTU), Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Technology
  • Moldova State University (USM), Faculty of Business and Management.
  • 15 years in the construction of residential and industrial projects.
  • 8 years in mechanical engineering.
  • Over the years of scientific and professional activity, Anton Okunev has obtained 14 patents in the field of mechanical engineering.

In 2010 Anton Ocunev launched a successful construction company in Chisinau, Moldova. The company's portfolio includes malls, petrol stations, warehouses and private housing.

Anton Ocunev is CEO and founder of Composite-Tech. The company has quickly grown to become a leader in the frp rebar production lines manufacturing industry, with global reach and industry-leading technology.

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Expanding Horizons: How Innovative Composite Reinforcement Machinery Opens New Opportunities in India’s Construction Industry

Author: Anton Ocunev, Composite-Tech Introduction Composite-Tech, a global leader in manufacturing high-quality equipment for producing composite reinforcement, mesh, and bent elements, is opening new horizons for the construction industry in India. Our mission is to introduce innovative technologies that not only enhance the quality of construction but also contribute to environmental safety and economic benefits. […]

Reasons Why You Should Use Fiberglass Rebars in Your Project

In the world of construction and infrastructure, the materials we choose play a significant role in the integrity, longevity, and safety of structures. While steel has long been a popular choice for reinforcing concrete, the industry is evolving, and a growing number of professionals are turning to an alternative solution: fiberglass rebars. In this in-depth […]

World Experience of FRP Rebar Use: The New Era of Construction Reinforcement

The construction industry has always been on the forefront of innovation, continuously searching for materials and methods that optimize strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. One of the most revolutionary materials making a significant impact in recent years is the Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) rebar, which has transformed the way civil engineers and construction professionals perceive reinforcement. […]

Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures Using FRP

Fibre Reinforced Polymers continue working up a global market dislodging traditional materials typically used for reinforcement across various industries. Initially considered proper for a limited range of practical uses, FRP has become the focus of both theoretical and in-field studies. The result is the continuously expanding market share and versatile applications. Besides implementation in construction […]

FRP Rebar in Concrete Structures

Once Fibre Reinforced Polymer (more commonly known as FRP) has burst into the global market, its application fields are continuously expanding. It’s not just the properties of polymers that matter; several crucial factors influence the demand for FRP products. As of now, FRP rebar successfully supplants iron bars in many industries, starting from agriculture, chemical […]

Environmental Impact on the Properties of FRP Rebar

The widespread use of FRP products encourages applied studies of various composite materials, their mechanical qualities and characteristics, and, equally important, research on the influence of various environmental factors on FRP characteristics. Fibre-reinforced polymers have become a cost-effective alternative to materials traditionally used in marine construction, civil engineering, agriculture, chemical and some other industries.Initially appreciated […]

Environmental Performance of FRP

FRP products are continuously expanding applications and markets due to their outstanding properties. Improved functional performance of fibre-reinforced polymers compared to steel, most notably, corrosion and thermal resistance, durability, high tensile strength, and lightweight, has significantly widened FRP products’ applications. Faster installation and lower transportation and maintenance costs of FRP composite resulted in higher demand […]

FRP Rebar Market: Trends, Forecast, and Analysis

Superb strength, thermal and electrical insulation, light weight, and non-corrosive characteristics of composite materials give a reason for wider employment of FRP products in various industries, for instance, water treatment units, agriculture, all sorts of offshore constructions, chemical industry, and civil engineering (freeways, bridges, and commercial and residential constructions). The Overview of the FRP Rebar […]

FRP Rebar vs. Steel Rebar

When it comes to rebars used universally in industrial and civil fields, you might have been wondering about the differences between the FRP rebar and its steel counterpart. Despite obvious trends in various industries shifting to FRP rebars, some companies are still doubtful and conduct multiple pieces of research on FRP vs. steel prospects, characteristics, […]

Composite-Tech FRP Production Lines: Products and Areas of Application

Since 2012, Composite-Tech has been manufacturing a variety of GFRP products production lines. The brand has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the industry leaders given the top-notch products and unsurpassed customer service. The highest quality of deployed FRP is ensured by the ongoing collaboration with international research labs focused on further improvement of […]