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Composite-Tech FRP Production Lines: Products and Areas of Application

Since 2012, Composite-Tech has been manufacturing a variety of FRP products production lines. The brand has rightfully earned its reputation as one of the industry leaders given the top-notch products and unsurpassed customer service. The highest quality of deployed FRP is ensured by the ongoing collaboration with international research labs focused on further improvement of industrial-grade composite materials.

Composite-Tech offers production lines designed specifically for manufacturing the following FRP products:

  • FRP Rebar.
  • The company offers one type of rebar lines: CT4 with an output of 4 simultaneous bars. As of now, civil engineering relies heavily on FRP technology in the construction of roadbeds, bridges, coastal, aeronautical and military bases, as well as industrial facilities. Being 8 times lighter and 3 times tensile stronger, composite rebars are used more and more extensively across all industries.

  • FRP Mesh.
  • Reinforcing mesh lines from Composite-Tech ensure continuous process manufacture. FRP mesh lines are engineered to produce 1m or 2m wide composite mesh used in industrial, military and civil construction, including foundations of all types, concrete walls, blocks, and joint elements.

  • Bent (or curved) rebar.
  • These are used in residential, industrial, and military construction together with straight rebar and rebar mesh.

    Proper employment of FRP production lines requires minimal maintenance costs and ensures cost-effective output. The cost-effectiveness of production lines is based on the superior performance of fibreglass. High-quality FRP materials guarantee the lighter
    weight of manufactured products (and consequently, lower transportation costs as opposed to steel counterparts), sustainability, resistance to high/low temperatures and corrosion.

        FRP Products: Areas of Application

    Composite-Tech FRP Production Lines: Products and Areas of Application

    Concurrent with the development and improvement of the fibre-reinforced composite technology, the world witnesses the expansion of FRP products’ applications:

    Automotive, marine, and aerospace industries. Thermal shock, corrosion and chemical resistance of FRP rebar and mesh makes these products increasingly required in aerospace and mechanical engineering. Fibreglass replaces steel elements in radiosensitive elements of aero- and medical industries, so that performance of the high-tech equipment wouldn’t suffer from interference.

    Industrial, power, and civil engineering. As of now, FRP rebars become indispensable in the reinforcement of foundations, floors, walls, and brick structures. Besides, rebars have found their implementation in the reinforcement of heating and cable routes in city infrastructure. FRP mesh is required in enhancing façades, horizontal joints, and concrete slabs. On the industrial level, waste processing and treatment plants deploy FRP mesh for reinforcing storage facilities and industrial flooring.

    Gas and oil production industries. In recent years, fibreglass products found their implementation in mining and tunnelling, construction of sea walls, and coastal storage facilities. Additionally, the economic benefits of using FRP rebar is attributed to its lightweight and ease of transportation to the remote areas of natural gas and oil fields.

    Agriculture. Both rebar and mesh are used for increasing the durability of agricultural storage facilities and floor reinforcement. Due to high tensile strength and resistance to chloride ions, rebars are in high-demand for construction of underground pipeline tunnels and fending groins.

    The ever-expanding market of FRP products opens new opportunities for businesses — the booming demand for composite mesh & rebars, fibreglass profiles, tanks, silos and pipes guarantees a fast return on investments in FRP production lines. Resistance to mechanical and chemical damage, lightweight, thermal insulation, lower production costs and durability are among the most marketable attributes of fibreglass products.

    The impeccable reputation of the brand is based on the excellent quality of products and unrivalled customer service: an FRP line will be installed and adjusted for the specific facility. At extra cost, Composite-Tech’s experts can supervise and manage the launching process. Composite-tech stands out in the market not only by the superior quality of its FRP lines and FRP products but by the full range of services and continuous support in fibreglass products’ manufacturing, expansion of sales, and further market promotion.