Professional production line for fibreglass mesh or basalt fibre reinforcing mesh in Singapore

Fiberglass mesh production line

Our FRP Mesh Rebar production line in Singapore has been perfected over the course of the last 10 years and has now reached its peak product stage. Resultantly, we have achieved non-stop production process flow and made sure that it requires zero to none upkeep input, whilst producing a constantly high quality of end product at maximum output.

We manufacture 2 different FRP Mesh production lines in Singapore :

  • CT1M outputs 1 meter wide mesh
  • CT2M outputs 2 meter wide mesh

Our equipment is designed to be reliable, highly productive and unique in the technology we utilise! All our developments and innovations are patented, which guarantees not only high effectiveness of your investment, but also a competition free market. Moreover, to ensure reliability of all production line modules we use only those components that have passed our rigorous tests and performance evaluations.

By acquiring Composite Tech FRP mesh rebar production equipment in Singapore, our clients also have following deliverables:

– Assistance in the selection of special premises
– Our specialists carry out installation of equipment and perform commissioning works
– Staff training
– Ongoing advice to your technical experts

Fiberglass mesh production line

Technical characteristics fibreglass mesh production line

Technical characteristics of the composite mesh production line:

Purpose: fiberglass or basalt composite mesh release
Production Diameter: 2 mm to 10 mm.
Voltage: 380 V / 50 Hz
Grid Cell: 50×50, 100×100, 150×150, 200×200, 300×300

We produce two types of equipment for the production of composite mesh:

Purpose: Equipment for the production of composite mesh 1m wide
Grid Cell

50×50, 100×100, 150×150, 200×200
Available diameters: 2-8
Machine Length 18m
Height 1,8m

Power 35 kW
Line Performance: 3-8 meters per minute
Purpose: Equipment for the production of composite mesh width 2 m
Grid Cell 50×50, 100×100, 150×150, 200×200, 300×300
Available diameters: 2-12
Machine Length

Height 1,8m
Width 2,4m
Power 45 kW
Line Performance:

Fiberglass mesh produced by our equipment has enhanced strength properties (rupture strength, breaking strength and tensile strength), which is appreciated by professional construction companies across the globe.

We have achieved such performance as a result of a very large amount of work done in collaboration with various universities and research centres that specialise in composite materials and advanced construction industry technologies.
Composite-Tech is globally known for taking construction materials and production lines to the next level.