We believe that FRP Rebar production should be accessible to all! As a result, we came up with a comprehensive partnership package that allows our clients to start the FRP production at a fraction of the line’ cost and access to our extensive knowledge base of how such business should be set up. Once we manufacture, deliver and set up your production line, you will get additional help in running your FRP Rebar production, sales and expansion into new regions. In other word, you do not only get a turn-key production line, but a turn-key, profit generating business!

The benefits you get by becoming our partner:

  • 70% discount on the production line acquisition price
  • 70% of the profits generated by the mutually set up SPV
  • Option to buy out Composite-Tech shares
  • Knowledge base access of the correct business set up
  • Help with sourcing raw materials
  • Marketing strategy implementation

Our clients across the globe return their investment amounts within 4 months after launch!

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